Mystery Rooms Merthyr

What is mystery rooms merthyr?

Mystery Rooms Merthyr is a live action escape game which you play with teams of 2-5 people.

You need to work together to find hidden clues and solve various puzzles in our themed rooms, all within 60 minutes (or less!)

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Can you help the Gods escape from Tartarus?
Summoned to Mount Olympus you realise all the Greek Gods have been kidnapped. Can you solve the clues they left behind and release them?
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Witch Way Out?

Trapped in a witches cottage, you have 60 minutes to undo the curse or be trapped forever!
You come across an abandoned farmhouse that would make an ideal shelter for the night. As soon as you all enter the farmhouse, the doors lock. You look around. There’s no way to escape. Undo the curse in 60 minutes or your trapped forever!
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Our 3rd room will be opening very soon

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